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EMR Software Experts, Inc.

Offers Electronic Medical Record & Practice Management software to physician practices. Features many orthopedic EMR specific features.

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Office Medical - Pocket PC Software

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A site that specializes in Handheld, PDA, iPAQ, Pocket PC, Palm, and Windows software for electronic paperless Orthopaedic Offices (EMR). Find Brief Op Note- Orthopaedic Edition and Quick Rounds software here!

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PDA Clinical Orthopaedics popular

The topics included are everything orthopedic you can imagine, from head to toe. It includes emergency procedures, diagnostic procedures, detailed therapeutic and rehab info as well as many illustrations. This text is very extensive, it covers a vast amount of information. Every section is in the same basic format: epidemiology, pathophysiology, signs/symptoms, work-up, detailed treatments, extensive differential diagnosis, and even a few illustrations! At the end of each major section is a list of key references/resources as well. Cost $10.

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5 Minute Ortho Consult

5mOrtho™ (The 5-Minute Orthopaedic Consult) is a well-structured quick reference for the diagnosis and treatment of orthopaedic conditions. Cost $80.00

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PDA news delivery service.

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Enables loading of word, access and powerpoint files onto PDA devices

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Eisenlohr Technologies Inc.

Sales Force Automation, Handheld Scaling and Implant Templating

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Games4Doctors- Surgery

100 multiple choice questions written in 3 different formats covering "must know nuggets" of information. Content is directed towards essential information with a particular emphasis on clinically relevant material. You can track your progress on questions about all kinds of surgery: abdominal, general, neuro, oncologic, orthopedic, pediatric and vascular to pinpoint areas that need more review.

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PDA Patient tracker, drug handbook, medical dictionary.

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Database manangment system for PDA devices, Advanced useage for research.

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Ovid Technologies

Ovid has been on the cutting-edge of the information retrieval industry, providing powerful, high-end information solutions for researchers and professionals in academic, corporate, and medical settings. Now has PDA section.

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PDA Harrison's Textbook of Medicine

Harrisons PDA textbook of medicine. Charge.

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Extensive PDA medical site

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PDA Medical Solutions Orthopaedic Surgery Notes

A complete orthopedic textbook. It includes information on the diagnostic and the pathophysiology of a wide array of pathological conditions related to the musculo-skeletal system. It also covers surgical techniques and approaches the most common and some more exotic orthopedic procedures. Well illustrated within the limits of the platform, the package takes up only 730k on your PDA. The trial version includes the full table of contents and a limited overview of all the sections

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