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Arthritis of the Hip and Knee

Powerpoint presentation for medical students from Edinburgh University

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Gender Specific Knee Replacement - Live Webcast

On Tuesday, November 27 at 5:00 pm EST, surgeons at Bon Secours St. Francis Health System in Greenville, South Carolina, will perform a gender specific knee replacement during a live internet broadcast. Bill DeVault, MD, will perform the procedure, and Daniel E. Lee, MD, will moderate the hour-long webcast. A gender specific knee replacement is a special type of joint replacement that is shaped to match the specific contours of a woman's anatomy.

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LCS Complete Knee Replacement System

In a live Internet webcast on A unique first hand surgical insight into the new high flexion primary knee & revison knee system
December 6, 2007, Lawrence S. Crossett, M.D., will perform two knee replacement surgeries using the LCS® Complete™ from DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc. This broadcast will take place at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) Shady Side Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
At 3 PM EST, Dr. Crossett will perform a revision knee replacement surgery using a new revision implant, the LCS® Complete™ System. This system helps diffuse loosening forces from the increased mechanical constraint and offers surgeons increased fixation through the use of metaphyseal sleeves on the femoral and tibial side.
At 6 PM EST, Dr. Crossett will perform a primary knee replacement surgery that will highlight the LCS® Complete RPS, a mobile-bearing knee implant that is designed to provide increased range of motion while sparing the patient’s natural, healthy bone tissue.

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Live Webcast Biomet Vanguard Primary Total Knee Replacement

On Thursday June 14th at 7pm EDT Crittenton Hospital in Rochester Hills, Michigan will host a live surgical broadcast featuring Jeffrey H. DeClaire, MD, of the DeClaire Knee & Orthopaedic Institute and Keith Berend, MD  This broadcast will feature the Vanguard Primary Total Knee with Microplasty Elite Instrumentation. Biomet’s Microplasty® Minimally Invasive Instrumentation reduces the incision from 6-8" to 3-4". Additionally, this approach reduces the extent to which the surgeon must disrupt the soft tissue surrounding the knee.

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Live Webcast: All-Inside ACL Retroconstruction Procedure

On Thursday, Sept. 27 at 5:30 p.m. CDT, during a live global Webcast from the Roger Clemens Institute for Sports Medicine and Human Performance at Memorial Hermann in Houston, Texas, orthopedic surgeon Mark Adickes, M.D. will perform an innovative ACL reconstruction surgery designed to hasten rehabilitation and recovery time.
"For patients, the typical goal is to return to activities quickly and without pain , but, if they 're going to have reconstruction surgery, the repair should be durable and should allow them to return to normal activity without limitations," said Adickes. "The All-Inside RetroConstruction procedure is minimally invasive and achieves all of these goals."
Adickes, a former NFL offensive lineman and member of the 1991 Super Bowl Championship Washington Redskins team, is one of the original three surgeons in the country to perform this new technique. Having had two ACL procedures himself and experiencing 18-month recoveries, he was determined to find advanced surgical solutions for his patients.
“The results my patients are getting from this procedure are dramatic,” said Adickes. “Recovery time has been reduced and there is less pain because there’s not the damage to the tissue that a standard ACL reconstruction can cause.”

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Minimally Invasive Computer Assisted Total Knee Replacement

A minimally invasive computer assisted, total knee replacement surgery will be performed live over the Internet from Tampa General Hospital on April 18, 2007 at 4 p.m. ET. The procedure involves resurfacing the ends of the bones by making a small incision through which physicians place an implant that prevents bones from rubbing against each other. Because the minimally invasive procedure cuts less or no muscle, it gives the patient the potential for the fastest possible recovery.

Kenneth Gustke, M.D., Florida Orthopaedic Institute, founding member of the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons, will perform the procedure that will be narrated by Steven Lyons, M.D., a surgeon at the Florida Orthopaedic Institute.

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Patient-Specific Bicompartmental Knee Resurfacing Implant

OR-Live will broadcast a live surgery from Brigham and Women's Hospital utilizing a novel, personalized knee implant. The new prosthetic, the ConforMIS iDuo, is a bicompartmental resurfacing implant designed for patients whose arthritic damage is limited to either the medial or lateral compartments of the knee, in addition to the patellofemoral compartment. The implant resurfaces only the affected areas, offering a minimally invasive, bone preserving option for younger patients that does not compromise their ability to move to a traditional total knee replacement in the future. The procedure also preserves the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments, which help to maintain knee kinematics.

Dr. Tom Minas, Director of the Cartilage Repair Center at Brigham and Women's Hospital, and Dr. Wolfgang Fitz, Associate Orthopaedic Surgeon at Brigham and Women's Hospital will perform the surgery. The webcast will be moderated by Dr. Thomas Thornhill, MD, Chief of Orthopaedics at Brigham and Women's.

The implant is created through an advanced image-to-implant process that utilizes CT scans from a patient to create a virtual model of a patient's knee. The implant, as well as the cutting and placement guides used for the surgery, are custom designed and manufactured to match each patient's knee anatomy.

To assure precise implantation, the surgeons will utilize patient-specific instruments designed from the same scans as the implant, including data on the patient's biomechanical axis. The patient-specific cutting and placement guides reduce the number of steps during surgery and provide precise guidance to accurately place the instruments, simplifying the surgical technique. This personalized approach eliminates many of the bone cuts required in traditional surgery, helping to reduce surgical and recovery times. More than 80 patient-specific, partial knee resurfacing procedures have been performed worldwide.

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Same day partial knee replacement surgery

Halifax Health will present a live online same day partial knee replacement surgery on Jun 30th at 7:00pm EDT. Richard Rhodes, MD, a surgeon with Atlantic Orthopedics, will perform the procedure using the Oxford® implant.

Dr. Rhodes has been performing partial knee replacements for several years and has completed more than 60 during the past year using the Oxford implant.

The Oxford is the only fully-mobile bearing partial knee system available in the United States. It can offer a more natural motion, more flexibility, less pain and a higher success rate for long-term results. These implants are made of metal and plastic materials to create a smoothly functioning joint.

"Patients may be back to work in as little as two weeks as opposed to more than a month with other devices," said Rhodes. "And there are no restrictions on activity following the brief recovery period. It is truly a prosthetic for today's active society."

Partial knee replacement surgery entails replacing damaged cartilage and bone ends. It allows the preservation of healthy bone, cartilage and ligaments, often preventing or delaying a total knee replacement.

"It is an extremely successful and remarkable procedure that can truly improve someone's quality of life," said Rhodes. "Patients may go back to their normal daily routines with no limitations."

The surgery may be viewed at or the public is invited to attend a viewing at Halifax Health Medical Center's auditorium. To reserve a seat, please call 877.8.HALIFAX.

Podcasts and vodcasts of the event will be available through You Tube, Google, Yahoo, MSN and iTunes. The procedure will also be archived on the Halifax Health Web site.

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State-of-the-Art Total Knee Replacement Surgery Webcast From St. Mary's Hospital Madison WI

Tuesday, January 22, 2008, St. Mary's Hospital and two members of the Dean Orthopedic physician team will offer viewers the opportunity to see a total knee replacement surgery up close. The procedure will be broadcast live over the internet from 4:00-5:00 p.m. Central Standard Time from one of St. Mary's 18 brand-new, high-tech operating rooms which opened the first of the year.
This total knee replacement procedure will be performed by Dr. David Wolff. Dr. Wolff is one of the area's leading orthopedic surgeons having completed over 450 hip and knee replacement surgeries in 2007.
Commentary will be provided during the surgery by Dr. Richard Glad, Chairman of the Dean Department of Orthopedics. Also a very busy and successful orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Glad's patient list includes athletes such as John Powless, one of the top-ranked players in the International Tennis Federation's men's 75+ age category.
St. Mary's is the leading hospital in Orthopedic services in south-central Wisconsin, serving nearly 40% of orthopedic patients in Dane County alone.

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Unikompartimenteller Oberflächenersatz

Am 20. November 2008, um 17 Uhr - Mitteleuropäischer Zeit - wird OR-Live aus der orthopädischen Universitätsklinik Regensburg im Asklepios Klinikum Bad Abbach, eine Live-Operation über das Internet übertragen. Dabei wird ein neuartiges, personalisiertes Knieimplantat zum Einsatz kommen. Diese neue Knieendoprothese, das ConforMIS iUni™ Implantat, ist ein unikompartimenteller Oberflächenersatz für Arthrose-Patienten mit degenerativen Schäden des medialen oder lateralen tibiofemoralen Kniekompartiments.

Das von der amerikanischen Zulassungsbehörde FDA zugelassene und mit dem CE-Siegel versehene Implantat ist eine Weiterentwicklung der unikompartimentellen Implantattechnologie für das Kniegelenk. Das iUni wird mithilfe eines virtuellen Kniemodells der Patienten hergestellt, das anhand von CT-Aufnahmen entsteht. Das Implantat und das dazugehörige OP-Instrumentarium werden entsprechend der einzigartigen Knieanatomie des Patienten maßangefertigt.

Diese Individualisierung ermöglicht eine präzise achsgerechte Ausrichtung des Implantats und eine natürliche Kniekinematik und ist im Vergleich zum herkömmlichen Kniegelenkersatz weniger invasiv. Das dabei verwendete OP-Einweginstrumentarium iJig™ wird ebenfalls auf den Patienten abgestimmt und sorgt für eine einfache und leicht erlernbare Operationstechnik.

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The Knee as Orthopaedic Rosetta Stone popular

Powerpoint-> PDF presentation on post traumatic OA of the knee

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