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Archive (3)
Archived orthopedic & trauma case presentations
Foot and Ankle (6)
Foot & ankle case presentations.
General (7)
General orthopedics case presentations.
Hand and Wrist (60)
Hand & wrist case presentations.
Hip and Knee (18)
Hip & knee reconstruction and case presentations.
Paediatric Trauma (2)
Paediatric trauma & fractures case presentations. Musculoskeletal injuries in children.
Paediatrics (24)
Paediatric orthopedics case presentations.
Radiology (0)
Shoulder and Elbow (7)
Shoulder & elbow case presentations.
Spine (19)
Spine case presentations.
Sports Medicine (0)
Sports medicine case presentations.
Trauma (49)
Trauma & fractures case presentations.
Tumour (14)
Bone tumour & bone sarcoma case presentations.


Case Of The Week

Orthopaedic Cases and comments collected at King Fahd Hospital Medina Saudi Arabia

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In Training OITE Review Cases 2007 Part 1

Collection of review cases, xrays clinical and pathology illustrations.
Summa Health Systems

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Problem Cases from Medina

Problem cases from Medina Saudi Arabia with comments invited

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